Fashion Design Colleges

While many people go into modeling and fashion design with no real experience and certainly no formal experience, those that do seem to fair much better. Modeling and fashion design colleges can help you lay the foundation for what may become a beautiful career. Modeling and fashion design may appear to be easy and straightforward, but there are many small details that one cannot learn by just stepping into the business. A formal education can clue one into these little details so that you can go into the business with all the confidence in the world. An education through one of many fashion design schools will simply make you seem more reputable to those that you seek employment with, which can open the door to new and exciting things as well.

Modeling and Fashion design colleges have been around since the beginning of the industry for those that really wanted to pursue the business in a professional manner. For a long time these colleges were often laughed at and dismissed, but as more and more unqualified people entered the business place, these fashion design college options seemed more and more worthy. While some just have a knack for modeling and fashion design, most can benefit from some formal training as it enables each person to refine their personal abilities as well as develop new ones that are nice to have in the business.

Many modeling and fashion schools just do not focus on one aspect of the business, so when you attend you get to look at the bigger picture and really find your place in it. Many of the fashion design schools offer education in modeling, fashion, fashion merchandising, as well as sales marketing. All of these elements come together to give one a great background from which to draw for their entire career. All of this formal education and information allows those that are interested in fashion design to choose which way they would like their career to go. Any fashion design college such as Barbizon or Brooks College offer this full education that can really allow students to try many things before they settle on just one aspect of the fashion industry.

Modeling and fashion design school are commonplace now and most of those that are interested in fashion have to attend them now to be taken seriously. Even a two-year program is considered worthy in the eyes of many professionals, so long as prospective employees have had some formal training. Fortunately, for most of the students, most of these fashion design college choices are not very expensive so they can get their education completed and out into the fashion world in very little time. Many of the colleges offer classes over the Internet, which is great because it will allow them to apprentice or get real world experience at the same time.

The bottom line is that modeling and fashion design schools are worth the time and money that they take to get an education. One must be sure that the college of their choice is accredited before signing up, but generally these colleges are worth their weight in gold. An education through a fashion design college can be priceless, especially if you take the time to really learn new things, refine your skills, and even make some contacts in the business to make breaking into the business even easier. Design colleges often allow young students to begin as early as 16-18, which can really put some people a step ahead when it comes to beginning their business and will get you into a fashion design career.

What to Choose an In-Class Fashion Design College Degree Or an Online One

Most of you would know that in order to get into the fashion design industry, you would require a degree or a diploma certificate from a fashion design college, at least in the initial stages to tell the clients about you knowledge. But there are times and cases when one is not able to find time to attend a school or a college because of other commitments and financial pressures at times. In most technical fields, online schools have already become a hot favorite among working professionals who do not have time to attend regular classes at the conventional brick and mortar schools. The fashion industry is also fast catching up with this trend and a number of online fashion design colleges have come up in recent times which provide high quality education and good in house training and even offer internship opportunities in collaboration with some of the leading fashion design studios and labels. These colleges offer similar courses to those being offered at actual fashion design colleges, so the aspirants do not have much problem with the learning aspect at these online fashion design colleges.

Numerous degrees on offer.

As most of you know, there are many diverse fields within the field of fashion designing itself, and it is always beneficial if you get a specialized degree in any one of these streams from a reputed fashion design college. This fact can go a long way in landing you to the fashion design studio of your choice. Marketing, costume designing, merchandising, logistics, accessories and shoes are some of the broader fields that are encompassed within the world of fashion designing. It is always beneficial if you have a specialized degree in one or more of these fields from a reputed fashion design college. Most upcoming fashion designers would have anywhere between 2 to 3 such specialized degrees. This increases your profileýýýs horizons, especially, if the degree is backed by a good fashion design college. A perfect example on making the best use of two or more specializations would be someone who can club merchandising and marketing together and work at a retail store.

Comparison between online and in class fashion design colleges.

To choose between an online or an in class fashion design college, you would need to consider your requirements and the kind of expertise you need. Although it is quite true that most of the physical establishments of repute fashion design institutes in either on the west coast, California region, or the East coast, NYC region, yet it is not true. Some of the fashion design colleges have started establishing their physical campuses elsewhere in the country as well. If you want to get the degree, and be where the classes are in order to be able to get a valuable internship and then later work under a banner or in a boutique, you might well consider attending the classes at the physical location of the fashion design institute. If you do not have time to attend classes but still want that degree, and you know you can land up with the job with just a degree, then you might well go for online learning centers of these fashion design institutes.

Fashion Trends For Babies, Toddlers and School-Age Kids

Baby and kids fashion

The return of another school year reminds us once again that fashion is a big part of the annual event. Trends are promoted by the manufacturers, but the kids from preschool on up are tuned into what is hip and chic. The very nature of fashion is that it changes.

Much of what inspires kids and baby fashion is rooted in the inspiration for adult fashion; European fashions, Asian fashions, Hollywood and better-known designers. It also derives kid-specific influence from current pop stars. Whenever there are younger kids in the Whitehouse, that can serve as a catalyst for kids fashion trends also.

The selection of toddler clothing and baby clothing has grown as well with the advent of the Internet supplementing the brick and mortar retailers. The opportunities for finding unique clothing are vast in a giant virtual shopping space.

Hollywood inspired fashions

On the topic of Hollywood’s influence on kid’s fashion, Parents Magazine did a piece that cited some specific examples. Their fashion examples included the ballerina shoes worn by Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes daughter Suri. The $230 price tag may put a few parents off though. They also report that Cate Blanchett’s son Dashiell wears a Darth Vader for President tee-shirt, perfect for Star Wars junkies. They even featured tiny flower hair clips worn by Jason Priestley’s daughter Ava.

Backpacks for school supplies

One fashion item that is not always thought of as a fashion accessory is backpacks. Today, backpacks make a fashion statement as much as clothing does. Parents Magazine found that dinosaur backpacks were very in currently, as well as cute animal and bug backpacks, striped and dotted versions and DIY backpacks

Eco-friendly clothing has caught on also and some items that got honorable mention by Parents included hemp and recycled materials infant shoes and baby bodysuits constructed of organic materials. If the baby and kid fashions in England have the same influence that styles did during the Beatles era, then the organic styles are very big there already. This is likely to be a trend that continues through several future fashion seasons.

Fashion repeats

Some fall fashions that are considered ‘in’ this year sound suspiciously like past trends. Layered tee-shirts and camouflage fashions for boys and half sleeve shirts and animal prints for girls. These fashions seem to be hold-over’s, but what’s really popular can survive from one fashion season to another.

It’s interesting that one of the looks this fall for toddler girls is a sporty college look. Who would have thought? Shiny jackets and checked skirts also compete as fashion statements. The girls also are into the swing look in earthy colors. Baggy, loose tops and jeans or Capri’s round out the look.

Cardigans and hooded sweatshirts are among the fashion must-haves for toddler boys. Both groups can wear knitted scarves to complete the style. The colder weather trend for the girls will be layers of knitwear. What happened to coats? Thick knit mittens will also be a hit with the girls.

Making a Mark in the American Fashion Industry

The main center of the American fashion industry is believed to be New York where the Fashion Week was held in 2009 featuring all the renowned names in the field not only from America but from all over the world. Although New York is supposed to be the ultimate spot for showcasing the latest fashion trends, Los Angeles is not far behind as is evident from the numbers of fashion houses which have crept up in the city during the recent years. Thus, the American fashion industry of the new millennium operates mainly from these two centers unlike the past when cities like Miami and Chicago served as the centers for fashion designing.

It is true that the American fashion industry has earned a reputation for itself for being an arena in which cut-throat competition is a way of life even for every day survival. Therefore, apart from the necessary bit of luck, aspiring models and designers who truly wish to create a name for them in the American fashion industry must possess certain basic attributes as well as pre requisites which would enhance their chances of building a worthy career. One of the most important attributes in this regard is to possess confidence in combination with an out-going personality which would not only enable one to speak out boldly but would also increase one’s chances of being noticed. Often described as flamboyant, a confident and indomitable personality is likely to make a mark and also reach places within the industry much sooner than others.

Fashion is about style and hence it is imperative for an aspiring fashion designer to be aware of the wide range of styles which are in keeping with the mind-set of the American people. Style is something which can be taught or learnt by an individual but is an inherent attribute which is honed by going through all the latest fashion magazines and understand the flexibility in clothing in terms of slim sizes and plus size clothing. At the same time, one must also be knowledgeable about the prominent fashion houses which dominate the American scenario at present so that a potential up-coming style can be easily spotted and capitalized upon.

As everyone related to the world of fashion must be aware of, it is not just the American fashion industry but the various fashion industries all over the world which now echo the sentiments of eco-friendly fashion in form of the ‘Green Revolution’. In order to express sympathy as well as concern towards the ecological issues like global warming and preserving the natural habitat of our beloved planet, the fashion industry is now focused on encouraging eco-friendly apparel and cosmetics thereby encouraging the sensible use of natural resources. Hence, an aspiring fashion designer might as well be aware of this latest trend and chalk out a career path accordingly.

Of course, ambition and experience are mandatory ingredients for an individual who is desirous of making it big in the American fashion industry as ambition which is short of arrogance often leads to unprecedented and unimaginable opportunities while experience can provide one with the all-important direction in one’s arsenal.

Get a Job in Fashion Design

The fashion industry continues to be a career path on which many young school leavers continue to be interested in and the increase in the number of fashion shows on television only heightens the interest in fashion design as a future career. Shows such as ‘What not to wear’, the ‘Fashion Police’ and with the introduction of Fashion TV, fashion continues to grow as an industry. So how can you get involved in the fashion industry? A look below at some basic tips:

1. University Course – There are various options for studying fashion and these include taking a university degree course including in a venue such as London College of Fashion, where you can do a course such as Fashion Marketing or Retail branding and design. Several universities in the UK and ones further afield offer courses covering all aspects of the fashion industry.

2. College Course – For school leavers, if you wish to get immediately involved with the industry and want to avoid the debts which these days are associated with going to university, going straight to college and starting a course such as a BTEC level ND Fashion and Textiles course such as offered at Plymouth College of Further Education in Devon, or a similar course in the UK is an option. Other courses in the UK include titles such as ‘Fashion and Textile design’ and ‘Footwear Design’.

3. Home Study – Another increasingly popular option these days is to study fashion at home so that you can still work and study and thus get involved with the fashion world but at your own pace and in a way which can be much more affordable. Several companies’ offer Home learning and courses can include titles such as Dress maker and Fashion design and can generally be completed with roughly 100 study hours. This type of course looks art many aspects of design including fabrics, fashion awareness and design.

If you really want to get into the industry and are confused, then attending one of the main industry fashion shows which take place annually, such as the ‘Clothes Show Live’ event, can be really helpful. Talking with the various fashion companies and getting advice on the opportunities for internships and best courses.

Working in the fashion industry can be rewarding and exciting and the beauty of this career path is that you often get the chance to travel and the industry is continually re-inventing itself.

Fashion Design Jobs

Many people think that the phrase “fashion design” refers to a single career, but fashion design is actually a broad category of careers. There are many different types of jobs in this field. As you study fashion design and become familiar with all these positions, no doubt you’ll be able to figure out which is best for you.

One important career in the world of fashion is pattern making. In order to make patterns you have to have a strong eye and a delicate touch. After all, you’ll have to copy patterns without altering any details.

Costume makers are people who make costumes, as opposed to clothes worn in everyday life. Costume designers make the clothes you see in movies, in Broadway shows and other theatrical presentations, on television, and at Halloween parties. This is a job where you really have to exercise your creativity. For example, you might have to make clothes for a scene set in the distant future. It’s also a great job for people who really like a certain era in history. For example, if you love the fashions of the Civil War, you could get a job making clothes for reenactments and historical films set in the 1860’s.

If you have a strong talent for business as well as fashion, you could own and operate a fashion boutique, or start a business where you supply clothes to boutiques and other stores. Or you could work as a fashion marketer, where your job is to promote new styles to increase the marketplace for those styles.

Fashion designers can also work as stylists or fashion consultants. These kinds of positions require a designer to always stay abreast of the latest developments in the world of fashion so they can advise their clients as to what’s new and trendy. And if you have writing skills in addition to an eye for fashion, you could work as a writer or reporter for a newspaper or magazine, or even a fashion-oriented website. You might even start your own fashion blog. If you manage to get enough readers on a regular basis, you could earn income by posting ads on your blog.

Fashion event planners coordinate all of the clothes that will be worn at a certain event, like a wedding or a fashion show. The kinds of events that employ fashion designers are often ritzy, so you could get to hobnob with some very wealthy people. And what about fashion education? You could teach the next generation of fashion designers, and you could steer your students towards the ideal jobs for their talents and interests.

Whatever fashion job you decide to pursue, be aware that competition will be intense. Unfortunately, economic forecasters are not predicting much job growth in the field of fashion anytime soon. So always work your hardest, and attain as much training, education and practical experience (not to mention references and networking connections) as you can.

Fashion Rings That Exude More Than Just Style

Fashion has become an integral part of our lives. From going to college to being in the office to meeting friends at various places, it has almost become imperative to be fashionable. People tend to exude fashion through various elements. These elements include their outfit, in most cases. Youngsters and elders alike will buy some of the best clothes in the market to reflect style and fashion. On the other hand, they will also spend enough on the accessories. Take an example of shoes. People spend almost a fortune on buying branded and good looking shoes. These shoes are in fact even more expensive than the clothes at times.

Fashion, in the twenty first century, has found a new definition though. It is now about being fashionable in every means possible. Hence, you can exude fashion through tattoos. That is one way. Another way to do so is through jewelry. Fashion rings have become immensely popular these days. Girls and boys don these rings and flaunt their style statement to their friends and the other onlookers.

Most of these fashion rings are of the designer type. Also known as the designer rings, these rings can help you be stylized and fashionable when you visit your office, college or any other place. However, when you wear these rings, is there any other objective that you fulfill, except for making you look fashionable? That is the question that you need to ask yourself while buying rings to complement your outfit. A lot of us are just concerned about whether a ring looks good or not. If it does look good, it is fashionable and vice versa. However, if you look at some of the most fashionable men and women of our times, you would realize that fashion for them has not only been about wearing something that looks good. It is about wearing something that reflects their personality.

You might have already started thinking of how can designer rings speak about your personality? There is a way, though, through which this feat can be accomplished. Consider the case of CTR rings. CTR stands for Choose the Right. It is a message which always reminds you of being on the side of righteousness. Doing things which your moral allows rather than doing them just because they are supposed to be done.

This motto has been propagated by the church of Latter Day Saints (LTS). However, it has become popular throughout the Christian community. People realize the value of choosing just what is right rather than going with the flow and realizing later that the right was something you did not do. Now, when you are wearing fashion rings with the tag of CTR you are giving away a message to the world. Everyone who looks at you realizes that you are an individual who follows the right path and not just anything. You are one who believes in righteousness and have the courage to stand for what is right and renounce what is not.

Fashion Week Fall of 2012 of New York

Fashion week is all about giving to women the best and hottest in fashion and clothing trends. And it’s not just happening in the United States but in every other fashion capital in the world – London, Paris, Rome, Berlin. You name a hip city and there’s sure to be a major event like this one that’s happening there. However, it must be said that there’s nothing like the New York Fashion Week, where everything about style and fashion will be seen in its fall 2012 runway. And what great is that it’s happening at the best time of the year – the fall season.

Best Designers

This major fashion clothing event is all about showcasing what’s hip, cool, and trendy for the fall 2012 season. Hence, New York was crowded with some of the most well-known and fashion-forward designers, such as Monique Lhullier, Calvin Klein and Badgley Mishka, among many other celebrity dressers. All of them presented their fashion wear, which are sure to be the hottest trends for women to follow this fall of 2012.

Let’s list them some of the dominant designs and styles that were paraded in NY fashion week’s runways:

Floral prints

Floral prints are part of the feminine look that showed the way during the New York’s fall runway show. And for this, floral is sure to dominate the fall season. Flower print on pastel is what’s currently “in,” – a sure hit among the more feminine ladies.

Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts, because of their versatility, have always been a staple not just during fall season, but all throughout the year. You will never go wrong with pencil skirts as you can literally top them with whatever might come into your mind. Definitely, these clothes are some of the coolest that you can add into your closet. Even a simple white shirt or blouse will match perfectly with a pencil skirt, with you looking a sure winner.

Still another trend that’s all the rage during the fashion week is a block color dress. Definitely, you must try this popular clothing trend during this fall season. Very versatile, you can have a dress that presents a unique look of tri-colors and will make you, every inch, a head-turner.

This New York Fashion Week was certainly a huge hit among women who want to see the best that this most popular fall 2012 runway in New York can present. Many were indeed happy that such trends are actually about dresses that are fun, exciting, and easy to wear this season.

Now that the runway show has end, ladies now rush to their PCs to have a better scrutiny of the lovely fall designs. And they are sure to find a few that suits their taste and hopefully they themselves will don this fall of 2012.

Be a Fashion Superstar Before You Graduate From Fashion Design School

Just because you haven’t graduated yet doesn’t mean that you can’t start sharing your natural fashion design talent. In fact, as you get closer to earning your degree from your chosen fashion school, this is a good time to start making your presence known in the fashion world. There are several ways to do this, and a few are listed below. You can use these as a “jumping-off” point, and expand on them as you need to.

As you pursue your education, make special note of any projects for which you received critical acclaim. If a project of yours receives any recognition outside of the fashion institute classroom, make sure you document that as thoroughly as you can. Collect any and all references that were made in both on-campus and off-campus publications. If your work is displayed anywhere, take your own pictures and keep all programs, brochures, or any other publications that mention your work. Start preparing your portfolio before you leave your fashion design school. Pick out your best pieces and take steps to preserve them by laminating and placing them between protective covers. This will help ensure that there is no fading of artwork, photography, or anything else.

Carry your portfolio with you whenever you think you may have a chance to display it. Don’t worry about seeming pushy or aggressive; rather, think of it as asserting confidence in your work. Your willingness to take the initiative in showing your work will be remembered when the time comes to start your fashion design career. Start networking. It is never too early to start getting your name, face, and designs out there. Use fashion school professors and other administrators as well as your classmates and personal contacts. Don’t forget to return the favor!

Consider an internship. This is often a very good way to display your talents and ideas. It can also help you get your foot in the door in regards to a place of employment after you graduate. Further, many fashion design schools let internship count as partial or full credit towards obtaining your degree, something which may help you finish your education earlier.

Consider traveling abroad, whether for studying or simply to visit fashion design venues in other countries. Find out if your fashion institute sponsors foreign study programs. If it doesn’t, figure out a way to visit such places as Italy, which is a fashion design mecca. The experience you gain will be two-fold: you will have the opportunity to observe other cultures and you will gain first-hand knowledge of the fashion design industry.

What Is Fashion? Fashion Redefined to Mean More Than “Vogue”

Fashion is for Every Woman!

Today fashion encompasses more than what is worn on the runways of New York City during Fashion Week, or what is in the recent Vogue magazine. What is fashion – Fashion is for EVERY woman! Every women has a desire to be fashionable whether they act on that desire or not. This desire to look better can be snuffed out because the world of fashion is such a big industry. There are so many styles and options, where would one start? What clothing should I buy? Should I wear the “in” style? I couldn’t possibly look fashionable, because I don’t have the body of the women in the magazines.

I have a confession to make, I had the same questions and I was intimidated by fashion. I looked at magazines picturing beautiful women, that looked amazing, and were flawless. These women represented what beauty was for me, and the harder I tried to attain this beauty the emptier I felt. As a women, I desire to be both beautiful and fashionable, but those two words created fear, uncertainty, and confusion. Woman want to feel confident, satisfied, and desirable, yet so many of us are living lives that are less than what they could be, because we are not embracing the woman we were created to be; instead we’re trying to be someone else.

Embracing Who I Am

I was trying to squeeze myself into another woman’s body, another woman’s style, and another woman’s beauty. As I looked at myself and started to embrace my unique body, style and beauty, the fear, uncertainty and confusion were slowly replaced with confidence! What surprised me was this new confidence was not solely in how I viewed my outer appearance, but it was infused in ALL areas of my life.

As I changed and simplified how I saw fashion, I was able to enter the fashion world and create a unique and personal style that represented ME! If you’re curious, read on to see how I redefined the words to make it easier to enter this overwhelming world:

  • Fashion – What clothing can I wear that will bring out my BEST features, and will make me look good and feel good.
  • Style – The “look” I feel most comfortable and confident in.
  • Body Shape – God designed me with a certain shape, and if I am at a healthy weight no amount of exercise and dieting will change my bone structure to something different.
  • Beauty – Being able to accept and embrace all that God has designed me to be, inwardly and outwardly!

Using Fashion As A Tool

I have always loved fashion, but for a long time I went about looking good in all the wrong ways! I now use fashion as a tool to reflect my inner beauty, character, and personality to others through my outward appearance. You can too! Find, accept and embrace who you are, and then dress to bring out your BEST through fashion and style! Find clothes that look good and feel good, find a style that you feel confident and comfortable emulating, and allow your inner beauty to shine through your outer appearance!

What is fashion? Fashion is creating a wardrobe with clothing you love – clothes that makes you feel good, look good, and give you confidence – you will SHINE! People will look at you differently, treat you differently, and see you in a new light. A light that says, “She cares about herself! She knows and is confident in who she is! She will make a difference in this world!” If you didn’t know already, you were created to make a difference! What are you waiting for? Go light up your world!

By: Torrie Chizek